How To Clean Painted Walls

Remember how clean your house looked right after the walls were freshly painted* ? Living in your home day in and day out (especially with kids!) can take a toll. Cleaning walls is a big job, but it’s much cheaper than repainting! Follow these steps for how to clean walls and you’ll get that new home feeling back in no time!

Step 1: Move furniture to the center of the room.

Step 2: Gather your tools:spectrum

  • White cleaning cloths
  • Natural sponge (colored sponges can leave dyes on light colored walls)
  • Old sheets
  • Two buckets
  • Rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Step 3: Lay down old sheets to catch messes. Avoid plastic tarps – they turn slippery when wet!

Step 4: Remove artwork/pictures from walls and cover nails with a piece of the sponge. This will remind you where pictures were hanging and protect your hands when washing the walls.

Step 5: Mix your cleaning solution in one of the buckets.

For normal soil levels, try a mild detergent solution that consists of:

  • 1 gallon warm water
  • a good squeeze of liquid dishwashing detergent

For more heavily soiled walls, you’ll need a stronger solution. Be sure to spot test the cleaning mixture first to ensure it won’t remove or lighten paint. Add all of the following to your bucket and give it a good mix before you begin:

  • 1 gallon warm water
  • 1 cup clear non-sudsing ammonia
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 1 cup washing soda (borax)

Step 6: Fill a second bucket with clean water for rinsing. Be sure to change the water frequently!

Now you’re ready to begin cleaning your walls. Always wash the entire wall, from bottom to top and side to side. If you need to take a break, be sure to do so at the end of a wall, as stopping in the middle can cause “wash marks” (known as the wave effect).

*this method works just as effectively on wallpapered walls!

Just as you vacuum after you dust, if you haven’t had your carpets professionally cleaned in more than six months, you should consider having this done after you finish cleaning your walls. Spectrum Cleaning & Restoration offers state-of-the-art equipment, reasonable rates and our professional guarantee. Learn more at

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8 Reasons for a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Most homeowners think to schedule a professional carpet cleaning at a few key times, like right before putting their house on the market or just before all the relatives head over to celebrate the holidays. But there are many other times that you probably haven’t considered. Here are eight more reasons it might be time to take advantage of a professional carpet cleaning:

  1. You’re Moving into a New Home. Check to see if the sellers had the carpets professionally cleaned recently. If they have, don’t bother (you don’t want to overdo), but if they haven’t, it’s a good idea to have this done before the movers show up with all that heavy furniture.
  2. You’re Remodeling. If you’re planning to do some remodeling, now is the time to have those carpets cleaned. All the carpet cleaningdust and dirt from a remodel can take a toll on your floors.
  3. You’re Painting. Once you finish painting rooms in your home, have the carpets professionally cleaned to make sure there is no left over paint spills or drywall dust from sanding.
  4. You’re Buying New Furniture. Just bought new living room furniture? Before it’s delivered, have the carpeting professionally cleaned – you’ll have a fresh, clean start for your beautiful new room!
  5. The Seasons are Changing – Hundreds of spring and Fall cleaning tips can be found online. These are the two times of year when homeowners do the heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning… replacing worn window screens and climbing ladders to clean out gutters, in the Spring and having fireplaces cleaned and storm doors replaced in the Fall. Don’t neglect the carpet your family walks on day in and day out!
  6. The Kids are Heading Back to School. After a summer of chasing lightening bugs (and tracking dirt in and out), swimming and sunshine (oily sunscreen and wet towels), you’re ready to get your family organized for the start of a brand new year. That means new backpacks, new lunch boxes and fresh school supplies. Why not get your home’s floors back in fresh, clean shape too?
  7. boxer-puppy-sitting-carpet-9882871There’s a New Puppy! The first thing to tackle with a new puppy is the potty training! Puppies are adorable, but they do a
    number (or two) on floors! As soon as you’ve got your four-legged friend fully trained, it’s time to clean the carpets!
  8. Or… a New Baby! There’s nothing as precious as a new little bundle of joy in the house. But before you know it, he’ll be cruising on all fours. Be sure to have your carpets professionally cleaned before you have a crawler!

Anything on this list you hadn’t thought of?

Spectrum Cleaning & Restoration offers state-of-the-art equipment, reasonable rates and our professional guarantee. Learn more at

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