Commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance

Proper, consistent carpet maintenance is critical to extending the life of carpet, sustaining an optimum performance or appearance level, and maintaining a healthy indoor environment within your facility.

There is a big difference between cleaning carpet and maintaining carpet. Cleaning is the removal of apparent soil. For many commercial carpet owners, cleaning takes place irregularly. Soiling, however, is a cumulative process that is difficult to reverse. Maintenance is a scheduled on-going process of soil removal designed to maintain carpet’s daily appearance at a consistent level of cleanliness.

Facility managers and maintenance supervisors who understand this concept can increase the longevity of the carpet and save on future capital replacement cost.

Furniture Cleaning
Spectrum employs a state-of-the-art upholstery cleaning process, greatly extending the life of furnishings. This helps to create a cleaner office environment and demonstrates employee appreciation. Spectrum is also proud to offer leather and suede cleaning in addition to fabric cleaning.

Cubicle Panels/Wall Fabrics
The textiles in your office trap and hold pollutants and soil. If they are cleaned on a regular basis, they will continue to act as filters, trapping airborne bacteria and improving indoor air quality.

Why Clean the Cubicles
  1. Maintains high appearance level
  2. Enables panels to act as filters for indoor pollutants
  3. Prevents expensive replacement or refurbishment of wall panels
  4. Dramatically improves indoor air quality